Foundation LVY sr, founded in 1953 provides grant of funds to a variety of HVAC projects and scholarships for students on HVAC field.

You can apply for a funding for your research or thesis. They must be relevant to HVAC field. Send us an informal application that includes your project plan, schedule and amount of applied funding. Students in university of Applied Sciences must also include a testimonial from their teacher.

The grant application must be submitted by teacher, professor or company responsible for the project. Please attach a copy of the thesis. We require following information: Name, personal identification number and contact information (home address, phone number and email address) of the person who is submitting the application. Tell us whether your application is for a master’s thesis or a thesis. Write a brief report of the studies and their specific merits. Add complete name of thesis, it’s grade and the date when it’s issued.

We also award for personal honors persons who have had a significant impact on HVAC education or research. Industry awards are granted for organizations that have invested in educating and training their staff in exemplary manner.

We accept applications throughout year.

Applications or for more information

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Puh. (09) 566 0090
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